Conor McGregor vs Draymond Green Instagram Beef


CJ Miller Sent Floyd Mayweather to Jail… Well, kind of

For those that don’t know, remember that time that Floyd Mayweather beat his baby mama, Josie Harris, to a pulp in front of his three kids and was arrested on domestic violence charges? Yea, C.J. Watson was the reason for that. It was the former #23 Golden State Warrior player C.J. Watson who Harris was sending intimate texts to that sent Money Mayweather in to a rampage and off to jail.

Talk about going deep. Conor McGregor is on some next level, sociopath, Dexter serial killer type of mind games with Floyd Mayweather. I almost feel bad for the guy, but then I remember how much Floyd is potentially getting paid for this fight. Do your thang Connie.

So while maybe Draymond thought he would just be sending out a fun little trash talking post to help hype up the fight for his buddy Money Mayweather, he may have done far more harm than good. While this is not the first time McGregor has pulled the C.J. Watson card, it does go to show the level of subliminal denigration that “Notorious” is willing to stoop to in order to get deep in to Floyd’s head.

The plot thickens ladies and gentlemen. I’m sure we’ll be getting more and more of this type of back and forth between Conor, Floyd, Draymond, and other members of TMT leading up to the big fight on August 26th.

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