Musclebound Conor McGregor Impersonator Invades Muscle Beach and Shocks The Crowd


Did This Guy Eat Conor McGregor and Absorb His Power?

There’s no doubt about it, Conor McGregor is the talk of the entire sports world. Within just a few short years, the wily Irishman has used his incredible combat skill, undoubtable charisma, and trash talking mastery to draw crowds and amass a huge fortune.

Naturally, as you become massively famous, you will attract impersonators. ¬†Kazakhstani Street Workout Athlete Islam Badurgov took Conor McGregor’s trademark look, added about 60 lbs to it, and rolled up to Muscle Beach in Venice, California to see if he could soak up some of that luck of the Irish.

See what happens when this Monster McGregor lookalike starts ripping some muscle ups in the video below:

Do you think you’d be fooled by this Heavyweight McGregor, or is your fight-fan IQ way too high to even give this guy a second glance?

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