Did Paulie Malignaggi Get Sonned by Floyd Mayweather?



Paulie, Just Stop

Paulie Malignaggi, former Pro Boxer from Bensonhurst, New York City, has been getting a lot of attention recently, but for all the wrong reasons. Malignaggi was brought in by Conor McGregor as a training partner leading up to his fight with Floyd Mayweather. Unfortunately, this relationship went sour after Malignaggi started dishing criticism about McGregor to the Media, leading McGregor to release footage of Paulie getting dropped by him in camp.

Instead of just explaining to the media that this footage was just a small snippet of a longer sparring session (perhaps taken out of context) and leaving it at that, Malignaggi thought it would be a good idea to confront Conor in Las Vegas about the whole ordeal.

Now, if you are the headliner of this entire event, or at the very least a somewhat important part, maybe it would make sense to publicly confront someone who did you dirty. However, when you’re a minor pawn wound up in the game of two combat kings, you can come off as really petty, really fast. Unfortunately, this is what’s happened to Paulie Malignaggi.

In another attempt to salvage his reputation, this video was released yesterday of Paulie Malignaggi with Floyd Mayweather, claiming Paulie was part of the Mayweather camp all along, and essentially spying on McGregor:

Let’s get this straight. Paulie Malignaggi was never part of Floyd Mayweather’s camp or team. Paulie Malignaggi was not a mole. Floyd Mayweather never orchestrated this grand scheme to spy on Conor McGregor’s camp.

All Floyd Mayweather did was spot an opportunity for some last minute shine and promotion for his fight (that’s what he does as a promoter), jumped on it, and Sonned Paulie Malignaggi in the process.

Poor Paulie can’t catch a break.

In this video, Floyd is seen with his team, as well as Paulie Malignaggi, as Floyd explains how he was in on this scheme the entire time. However, pay careful attention to both Mayweather and Malignaggi’s demeanours and facial expressions throughout the video.

Is this the face of a mastermind mole who would purposefully infiltrate someone’s fight camp?

Paulie Malignaggi ViralFudge

No, that’s the face of someone in the process of being masterfully sonned by the son master himself, Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Look at the way Floyd keeps his arm around Paulie, almost comfortingly, like he’s doing him a favor. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Sonning 101:

Mayweather Sonning Malignaggi ViralFudge

Floyd then proceeds to sign an autograph for Paulie, saying “This is going to stay in Paulie’s family forever“, almost as if this is the great accolade he’s ever received. Another classically opportunistic Sonning by Mr. Mayweather.

This entire video just wreaks of Floyd jumping on the Paulie Malignaggi meltdown-Express for one last promotional hoorah before he squares off with Conor on August 26th.

Remember when Paulie kept reminding McGregor to “bring your balls” when he confronted him in Vegas? It seems he forgot to take his own advice when he let Mayweather make him look like half a man for all the world to see.

Hopefully once this fight is done, Paulie Malignaggi will let himself fade in to the background, as he just doesn’t have the publicity prowess of either Mayweather or McGregor to keep things like this from happening again, and again, and again.


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