The Daily Fudge – OJ Simpson Parole, RIP Chester Bennington, Lebron to Lakers

In this issue we discuss OJ Simpson's pending parole, the untimely passing of Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington, and Lebron James in talks with the LA Lakers


The Daily Fudge – July 20 2017

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Howdy ViralFudge readers, and welcome to the first ever edition of The Daily Fudge, where we recap some of the internet’s most trending stories spanning the realm of popular culture, from Sports, Entertainment, Gaming, Business, Current Events, and everything in between.

OJ Simpson Makes His Case for Freedom on Live TV, Granted Parole

Well, looks like Dave Chappelle might be able to add a “5th time he met OJ Simpson” bit to his next stand up special!

According to an article released by Bloomberg, after a televised plea for freedom which lasted for more than an hour, OJ Simpson has been granted parole, with his potential release coming as early as October 1st, 2017. So come Halloween, make sure you do a double take for anybody dressed as good old “Juice”, because it might just be the man himself.

OJ Simpson, now 70, of course infamous for his trial in the ’90s where he was acquitted of murder of his wife Nicole Brown, has served 9 years of a nine-33 year sentence he received for armed robbery and kidnapping back in 2007.

RIP Chester Bennington – Linkin Park Lead Singer Dies at age 41

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It’s sad to say, but according to multiple reports, including from this article in the New York Times, lead singer of the band Linkin Park Chester Bennington, was found dead in his home near LA earlier today. It is being ruled a suspected suicide at this point, which is even more sad to say.

Bennington’s band mate Mike Shinoda confirmed the loss via this tweet:

Lebron James Open to Trade Talks with LA Lakers

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Is King James getting ready to relinquish his throne in Cleveland (again) in search of sunnier days in LA?

According to this article in Newsweek,  Lebron James’ agent Rich Paul has been in contact with Lakers GM Rob Pelinka, and is open to discussions regarding Lebron’s future, potentially in LA.

Reportedly Mr. James has grown impatient with the Cleveland Cavalier’s front office in this Off-Season, following their recent NBA Finals Loss to the Golden State Warriors.

The real question is, if Lebron indeed decides to leave Cleveland once again, will talks of Kevin Durant’s loyalty (or supposed lack there of) start to simmer down?

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