Top 10 Best Drake Memes So Far!


If Drake Isn’t the King of Rap, He’s Easily the King of Memes

Drake Memes Viral Fudge
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For the better part of a decade, Toronto Rapper Drake has taken the entire world by storm. Some consider him the best rapper active, which is incredibly debatable, but he is absolutely one of the most famous and successful rappers alive today. However if Drake is to be considered the king of anything, he can easily be crowned the reigning monarch of Memes (better known as Drake Memes). In the past handful of years, Drake has inspired some of the most hilarious memes that the internet has to offer, and that says a lot.

In celebration of this year’s OVO Fest featuring Drake, we decided to give you our choices of Top 10 Drake Memes So Far!

Click through below for the memes.


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