Twitter Reacts to Pokémon Go Fest Fiasco: Top 10 Memes So Far


Pokémon Go Fest Didn’t Turn Out as Expected for Niantic

Pokemon Go Fest viral Fudge
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Today in Chicago was meant to be a day of whimsy and wonder, with thousands upon thousands of Pokémon Go players taking to the streets of Chi town to hunt down some rare and legendary Pokémon at Pokémon Go Fest. Unfortunately, all they got was this:

pokemon go no connection viraludge

Niantic had some server issues (surprise, surprise), which meant that those in attendance couldn’t really do much for most of the time they were there. Niantic did promise to refund everybody their money and throw them some Pokécoins for their troubles, but the internet takes no prisoners.

Here are Twitter’s Top 10 Memes (so far) surrounding this whole Pokémon Go Fest Fiasco (click through below).



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