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ASMR: The All Natural Stress Reliever That Only Some Of Us Experience

Chances are that if you’re reading this article, you may not know what ASMR stands for, or even what it means exactly.

ASMR stands for Auto Sensory Meridian Response. For the layman, website ASMRUniversity.com describes it well:

“ASMR can be simply described simply as a variety of soothing SENSATIONS (eg, tingles, relaxation, calmness, sleepiness) due to a variety of gentle STIMULI (eg, whispering, soft talking, light touches, methodical sounds).”

To specify, these sensations are most commonly felt in the head or scalp region, but can also be

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felt in other parts of the body, including the ears, between the eyes, arms, hands, and legs. It can be a full body experience, depending on the individual.

I know what you’re thinking – “This is a weird sexual thing, right?”. Well, although one of the earliest terms to describe this phenomenon was “Attention Induced Head Orgasm”, ASMR has nothing to do with anything sexual at all.

To my knowledge, ASMR is not something that can be learned or taught, and it is not something that can be bought. It’s not something that comes in a pill or any consumable form, it’s simply a phenomenon inherently found within some of us. Who knows, this may actually be found within each and every one of us, it may just take some longer than others to recognize these sensations as they’re happening.

Maybe you’re asking why I’m talking about ASMR. To those who don’t experience it, it may sound incredibly strange. The truth is, if you experience this phenomenon, it is one of the most beneficial, stress relieving experiences you could ever have, and it comes at no cost.

In fact, it has become so important to so many people around the world, that in the past few years, a massive ASMR community has spawned, with many “ASMR-tists” leveraging Youtube to publish ASMR-inducing videos and amass huge followings.

Find Out If You Experience ASMR

I personally have been experiencing ASMR as long as I can remember, way before it was given a name. I was so excited when I found out what it actually was that I was experiencing, and there were more and more resources becoming available on Youtube to help me trigger it any time I felt stressed or needed help to fall asleep.

The best way to discover if you experience ASMR is to sit down alone in a quiet room and watch various videos with different types of ASMR stimuli (brushing, whispering, page turning, eating, etc.) to see if anything triggers you. If you find your eyes starting to close, your stresses starting to drift away, feel a tingling sensation somewhere in your body (normally your head), and wake up hours later with your head on your keyboard, you’ll know it worked.

So to start testing yourself, check out 3 of my top favourite ASMR Youtube Channels (in no particular order):

1. Tahteebayy

One of the first ASMR Channels I ever discovered on Youtube was one created by Tahteebayy. She’s a young lady from Maryland who is one of the very early ASMRtists who’s been uploading videos consistently for more than a few years. Currently she has amassed a nice following of over 25,000 subscribers, and nearly 6 Million video views. Tahteebayy primarily focuses on ASMR eating videos, often while whispering and letting us in to her life, discussing everything from friends, her family life, trouble with guys, and some pretty crazy stories. Few ASMR Youtubers let you in to their lives in detail, but Tahteebayy does it, all while sending you off to a relaxing sleep.

I reached out to Tahteebayy regarding how she discovered ASMR, what made her decide to start releasing videos, what ASMR means to her, and she was kind enough to provide some insight in to her world:

How Tahteebayy Discovered ASMR and Why She Started Making Videos

“I found out I was ‘weird’ when I started falling asleep in class when someone next to me was chewing on gum. This was probably around the time I started high school. One day after school I was really stressed out and had a bad headache. I went on Youtube (this was probably in 2011) and typed ‘people eating food’ and just found random videos of people making eating sounds. This is when I found makesmeyawn13 and some more early ASMR artists. That’s when I decided to Start making videos of my own, because I was fascinated with all the comments from people that like hearing other people eat just as much as I do and I wanted to be a help and make people relax also”

What ASMR Means to Tahteebayy

“ASMR has helped me in a number of ways. It helps me sleep. It helps me calm down. Making ASMR videos has exposed me to so many wonderful people online also. I take pride on being able to help someone go to bed at night because I know each and every one of us can have rough times sometimes. My comments on my videos mean everything to me, even the negative ones”

Feel free to browse Tahteebayy’s videos, and if you get something out of it, don’t forget to Subscribe to her channel! You can also check her out on Instagram @bigpapitati

2. Ephemeral Rift

When it comes to creativity and production value, Ephemeral Rift¬†is an ASMR Youtuber that loves to show off his talents, and it’s certainly paid off. As an ASMR contributor with one of the largest followings (currently over 350,000 subscribers and over 130 Million views), Ephemeral Rift continually comes up with new and creative ways to allow people to enjoy ASMR.

Ephemeral Rift devises very creative role play situations while combining ASMR triggers to leave the viewer with a very unique, yet soothing experience. Take the video above for example. Ephemeral Rift has created a strange, post apocalyptic world where food items, like candy, have become very rare. So much so that characters like “the candyman”, basically an underground Candy Dealer, have risen up to distribute what’s left of these treats. He combines eating sounds, gentle whispering, and crinkling noises to bring the viewer in to a vivid world, while simultaneously sending them off to sleep. Very creative!

If you appreciate Ephemeral Rift’s creativity and dedication to ASMR, don’t forget to subscribe to his channel!

3. SassEsnacks

This is one of my all time favourite ASMR channels that I’ve had the pleasure to watch grow. I’ve been following SassEsnacks for a number of years now, ever since she was officially called OldLadyASMR. The name change from OldLadyASMR to SassEsnacks was a welcome and fitting one, for a few reasons:

  1. While she’s not the youngest ASMR Youtuber out there, she’s most definitely not an old lady. Unfortunately the old moniker may have driven away potential viewers who had no desire to watch an old lady eating (which seems like discrimination, but to each their own)
  2. The “Snacks” portion of the new name provided a necessary categorization to her channel, as it’s primarily an ASMR eating channel, so those looking for this type of ASMR are steered in the right direction
  3. She definitely brings the Sass, and that’s what’s so great about her videos. Her banter on various topics can be funny, informative, and down right entertaining, and is one of the key drawing factors of her channel

Something that is fairly unique about SassEsnacks is that she doesn’t just eat the food in her videos, in many of her videos (especially in a lot of her earlier videos), she would cook a lot of the food and provide a step by step video of how to make the food.

My main attraction to this channel refers to the third bullet point from above – The “Sass” behind “SassEsnacks”. Listening to SassEsnacks’ commentary is incredibly entertaining. You’ll find out quickly that she’s quite opinionated, and isn’t afraid to call out people in the comments who try to cross her. She combines this fierceness with a pleasant whisper to provide a wonderfully soothing ASMR experience that I highly recommend (if it triggers you).

Learn More About ASMR

If you’re interested in learning more about the History of ASMR, you should check out ASMRUniversity.com.

It’s got tons of information about the history, as well as more detailed information about what ASMR is, studies regarding ASMR and more.

There are so many ASMR Youtubers active today, with more and more starting every day. If you experience ASMR, there is no shortage of content out there for you to enjoy, so be sure to always look out for new, great stuff, and don’t be afraid to share with us!

Hopefully you guys got some new information and some well deserved relaxation from this article!

Do you know someone who may benefit from this? Be sure to share this article with any friends, family members, or colleagues you think could use a great, all natural stress reliever in their lives.

Peace ūüôā



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